Sunday, February 28, 2016

Feels Like A Summer Sunday

Anyone who lives on the East coast knows Maryland has a reputation for craziest weather patterns. The only predictable thing about our weather is that it is unpredictable. Just a few weeks ago we had warm 50 degree days and then BAM! State of emergency snow blizzard.

Today was no different. February 28 and 63 degrees.

Naturally, we seized the opportunity and soaked up quite a bit of (much needed) vitamin D. (This was also a great time to play with my new lens). 

One kiddo is not pictured as she was enjoying a special treat with friends. On a side note, I love that hubby baby-wears. 

They were so thrilled to get the wagon out. They were talking about all the places they plan on taking the wagon this summer.


This guy was happy to take a break and get back to his banana. Also, how is it time for his birthday already?! In two weeks my baby will no longer be a "baby".

Days like this I will cherish, because all too soon there will be no more wagons or babies or toddlers dreaming about flying their wagon to the moon.