Monday, August 25, 2014

A Shopping Trip: Ikea

Allow me to introduce my sisters in law. Marie, on the left, is married to my husband's brother. Bekah, on the right, is my husband's sister.

I am truly blessed to have these amazing gals in my life!

This was Bekah's first trip to Ikea. Let's just say, she now wishes they had them "back home".

Bold diner mugs, love them!

So many cute things!

I'm pretty sure I will be using these in my Fall decor.

I love these lights. I would love a display similar to this in my home. The lighting was so warm and inviting.

Look. Mandrakes!

On our way to check out the As-Is section. Always fun.

We usually always find something we love.

You can't leave Ikea without buying Swedish Fish. It's impossible.

I love the Market Place. So many neat items.

Have you ever tried their Salmon Paste? It's delicious!

But my most favorite thing about Ikea... Kids eat free Tuesday!! 
This momma and her 4 kiddos look forward to that every week. 

What is your favorite thing about Ikea?

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