Monday, August 4, 2014

Fun Things Of Summer: Cookouts

I love a good cookout. I especially love a good cookout with good friends. This past weekend we gathered with wonderful friends and their families. The women of this group just happen to be a part of my bible study group. I treasure each and every one of them. They are such a blessing to me and my family. We had so much fun hangin all day in the beautiful weather, where we laughed, told stories, swam, ate (way to much) delicious food, and fellowshipped.

It rained earlier in the day, which made for wonderful puddle play.

This little man could not get enough of those amazing bacon green beans. Can you blame him? I mean, BACON! 

She tried her hand at some Ladder Ball.

And decided she was allowed to just hang them where she wanted.

Some great stories from this Vietnam Vet.

She really has the best personality.

A recreation from last year. The difference? 14" of hair and a baby turned toddler.

My brother in law, also known as, the man with the beard.

There were other children there, but they were too busy to bother with pictures. 

Playdoh jewelry.

Swim dancing.

I love summer cookouts. And they are made so much sweeter when you have the blessing of friends, to join you. 

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